The Ankole is a sturdy breed, which is acclimatized to the harsh conditions of East Africa. It can survive for long amounts of time without water, and is accustomed to walking long distances alongside its traditional nomadic keepers.

In recent years economic development specialists have encouraged ranchers to cross breed their Ankole herds with jersey cows, to increase their milk production, and thus their short term profit. This practice presents a challenge for conservationists working to protect East Africa's rich biodiversity.

Our sale of Ankole horn generated as an after-market product increases the economic value of the breed, and provides economic incentive for farmers to keep the Ankole breed pure. 

This way, the nomadic tribes will be able to keep singing to their beloved Ankole cows at dawn, and yet be able to sell a bull on the market for a good price when necessary... to pay a child's tuition, or to buy expensive fabric for a wife during the holidays - just as they have done for generations. 


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