I am a creative entrepreneur with broad experience working in investment banking, Fortune 500s and pre-IPO startups. I hold an MBA from Columbia Business School as well as an MA Quantitative Methods, and Bsc. Quantitative Economics. I love to travel the world, mostly to observe culture.

I am an American and a "Muhima-kazi" (Muhima woman) and I split my time between both worlds. Being both things. I live in New York city, where I love to dine and enjoy the music scene with my husband. In Uganda, I love to spend time on our ranch, reading a book or catching up with a village cousin; the sound of our cows in the distance ever present. Returning to this space never fails to put everything into perspective.

Olivia Knox is my way of sharing my two worlds with those that appreciate culture and beautiful things.



I began my career as a journalist, focused on human interest stories. But, in Uganda, I learned I could no longer write without taking part in shifting the narratives I was building. For the next five years, I worked in nonprofit development in rural villages and slums throughout East Africa. At the same time, I began to build a portfolio in the for profit sector, providing ethnography, cultural analysis and market strategy for companies like Nike, Bailey's, Bonobos, IDEO and Marley Natural. 

Olivia Knox is a combination of all facets of my career, combining storytelling with positive business with the power to transform lives throughout Uganda. 

My work to focus on building manufacturing industries is inspired by my late father, Ted Knox, who always told me, "Why would you work for someone else, when you could build your work yourself?"